Sessions Declares War on Legal Cannabis

Jeff Sessions has recently rolled back the 2013 Obama Administration, Cole Memo which allowed individual states to regulate their own cannabis laws without federal intervention assuming they followed the guidelines outlined in the memo.
Here is the memo published by former attorney general James Cole.

Comparison From The Housing Crisis To Cannabis

This is a prediction, but here is how legalization of cannabis is going to play out.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, watch “The Big Short”. In short, the big banks made a bunch of really bad trades that left them exposed to trillions of losses. Instead of accepting the losses, they decided to create fraudulent pricing on the trades and sell them to unknowing investors. Once they had all of the bad trades off of their books, they then corrected the fraudulent pricing to actually reflect the value of the asset. Then the market collapsed.

This can be paralleled to the legalization of cannabis.
1. Large pharma, big tobacco and alcohol companies will continue to drag their feet and lobby against cannabis. (I will be abbreviating Large pharma, big tobacco and alcohol as PTA.

2. At the same time as advocating against cannabis, they will be heavily investing in land, infrastructure, technology and companies in cannabis.

3. Once they have positioned themselves to take over the entire industry, they will quietly stop advocating against the industry.

4. The schedule I classification will be removed and PTA will start creating products.

5. PTA will advocate for regulators to create legislation that is incredibly favorable to their interests in the industry.

6. PTA will completely take over the industry and the products will be regulated even more strictly than alcohol.

Cheers to the Microdoser: Cannabis 101

Microdosing is when you take a very low dose of Active THC so you get the medical benefits without the “high” associated with cannabis.

Most edibles start at around 10 milligrams. I personally think this is way too high. As a seasoned cannabis consumer with a low tolerance level, I typically consume about 5 milligrams. This allows me to receive the benefits of cannabis without feeling like I am floating past the moon.

For new users, I typically recommend a hybrid edible that is between 1 and 2.5 milligrams. For most users, you are not going to feel the effects of the cannabis.

Microdosing is how everyone should be introduced into cannabis. For your first couple cannabis experiences, you should take 1 puff and stop. NO MORE!
Consuming cannabis is not a contest. There is no winner for who can consume the most cannabis.

If you consume too much cannabis, you can make yourself feel VERY uncomfortable. If you have any friends that consume cannabis, ask them if they have had a bad experience. I can say with a high confidence level that they have all had at least one bad cannabis experience.

How to Pass a Drug Test: Cannabis 101

Although I would like to think that you should never have to pass a drug test for cannabis. The fact is, marijuana stays in your system significantly longer than other substances. To be honest, I hate even grouping cannabis together with these other “drugs”. But, the state and large corporations do this, so I am forced to do the same for this section.
I understand that you probably won’t want to ask the person who is drug testing you too many questions. It might throw a red flag if you are like, “do you test for CBD and THC? I think it is always best to air on the side of caution and bet that they will be testing for everything.

  1. Try to find out what kind of drug test you are taking.
    The most common drug test is urine. However, casinos and some other industries will test your hair, blood and even your saliva.
  2. Factors to Determine how long cannabis will stay in your system
    – The more you exercise, shorter amount of time cannabis will be in your system.
    – Consider how much cannabis you consume. This is common sense, but it is always good to keep an eye on this. If you smoked once, and are concerned about passing a drug test, I would give yourself 2 weeks to be ultra safe.
    – Are you skinny? Cannabis is stored in fat cells. So, the less fat cells you have, the shorter time frame cannabis can be detected.

Tips from the pros on passing a urine test:
3. Drink a gallon of water and go to the bathroom at least 3 times before you have to take your drug test. Your first bathroom break of the day will show the most toxins in your urine. The more you go to the bathroom, the more toxins you are flushing out of your system.
Slightly more detail: When you are going to the bathroom, be sure to take the sample mid-stream. Basically, you don’t want to pee in the cup at the beginning or end of your stream. Less toxins will be in your urine in the middle of your pee. (sorry for the detail here, but it is important).

How to pass:
Now that we have discussed the factors to consider while determining if you need to purchase a cleanse. Here are a few tips.
If you haven’t smoked in a while and you are slightly paranoid, I would go with Certa. This is one of the ingredients in Jello. I know a few of my military buddies who have successfully passed a military drug test by putting a package of Certa in a gallon of water. I have tried this myself, and it is not a pleasant experience. However, I passed my test, so take it for what its worth.

The next method would be to buy a shake or a pill. These things cleanse your body out in no time.
Caution: I have seen this wreak havoc on a friends digestive system. (He sharted). Lol. Sorry.

Jeff Sessions Suffers from Common Side Effect of Cannabis (Memory Loss) : Regulatory

Jeff Sessions just rolled back the Obama era memo which allowed individual states to regulate themselves without federal government intervention.

We have all heard that Jeff Sessions thinks that “good people don’t smoke marijuana.” To be honest, I am not convinced that the Attorney General hasn’t been smoking a little marijuana himself. As we all know, cannabis has been linked to loss of short term memory. Given Attorney General’s recent testimony, it appears that he is having memory loss issues himself. I am not a rocket scientist, however, I can put 2 and 2 together! I think Attorney General Jeff Sessions appears to have a new favorite phrase, “I do not recall.” To be fair, these statements are related to the Trump Campaign and colluding with a foreign government. Hopefully, he doesn’t recall his rescinding the Cole memo. 😉

I am obviously making light of this situation. Attorney General Jeff Sessions position on Cannabis is a step towards the ongoing war on drugs. The issue is that by rescinding the previous memo, he is putting the drugs back on the street. It is better to control a substance than ban a substance and put it back in the hands of the black market drug dealers.


Cannabis 101: Indica Vs. Sativa

As of now, if you were to walk into a
dispensary, you will notice that 3 primary categories of cannabis is being tossed around. Indica, hybrid and sativa are the primary terms being used in dispensaries. It is really important to look at the structure of the bud as well.

1. Sativa- The effects will be mind dominant and cerebral. You will likely be more creative and have more energy while consuming a sativa stain.

2. Indica- The effect is body dominant. It is more of a sedating type feel with comforting and pain relieving effects.

3. Hybrid- Hybrid is a mix between a sativa and an indica. It is worth taking a look of the shape of the bud to determine if it is a indica dominant hybrid or a sativa dominant hybrid.

Cannabis101: Buyer Beware!!!

It is not uncommon for specific strains to be mislabeled. Marijuana buds travel a long path before ending up in a dispensary. We are still in the wild west of the cannabis industry. It is up to the customer to go into a reputable shop and know what they are purchasing. It is a horrible feeling to consume the wrong type of cannabis! You may go to sleep in the middle of the concert!