Jeff Sessions Suffers from Common Side Effect of Cannabis (Memory Loss) : Regulatory

Jeff Sessions just rolled back the Obama era memo which allowed individual states to regulate themselves without federal government intervention.

We have all heard that Jeff Sessions thinks that “good people don’t smoke marijuana.” To be honest, I am not convinced that the Attorney General hasn’t been smoking a little marijuana himself. As we all know, cannabis has been linked to loss of short term memory. Given Attorney General’s recent testimony, it appears that he is having memory loss issues himself. I am not a rocket scientist, however, I can put 2 and 2 together! I think Attorney General Jeff Sessions appears to have a new favorite phrase, “I do not recall.” To be fair, these statements are related to the Trump Campaign and colluding with a foreign government. Hopefully, he doesn’t recall his rescinding the Cole memo. 😉

I am obviously making light of this situation. Attorney General Jeff Sessions position on Cannabis is a step towards the ongoing war on drugs. The issue is that by rescinding the previous memo, he is putting the drugs back on the street. It is better to control a substance than ban a substance and put it back in the hands of the black market drug dealers.